2023 19/02
Italy Apulia Cagnano Varano Exif: NIKON D810, 16.0-35.0 mm f/4.0 @ f/5.6 1/40, ISO 64 24   
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Lake Varano seen at sunset

A spectacular sunset on the shore of Lake Varano. As the sun slowly sets on the horizon, the sky is tinged with shades of pink and orange, creating a warm and evocative atmosphere. The waters of the lake become calm and tranquil, reflecting the colors of the sky and creating a mirror effect. The surface of the lake is interrupted only by the light movements of the boats of fishermen preparing to return after a day's work. The light of sunset illuminates the surrounding hills, creating plays of shadow and light that make the setting even more atmospheric.

Lake Varano, Cagnano Varano, Gargano, Gargano Hills, Apulia, Fishing boat, Province of Foggia, Sunset in Apulia, Apulian Coast
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