2021 31/07
Italy Apulia Mattinata Exif: NIKON D800, 16.0-35.0 mm f/4.0 @ 4/1 1/40, ISO 3200 53   
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The ruined walls of the Benedictine Abbey of the Holy Trinity among the ancient ruins of the Sacred Mount in Mattinata

This image depicts the ruins of the Benedictine Abbey of the Holy Trinity, hidden among the secular trees on the top of Mount Sacro, the highest point of the Gargano at 874 meters above sea level. These structures, once imposing and rich, are now surrounded by nature that slowly sums them up to itself, with plants growing between stone walls and arches that seem to frame the sky instead of the vaulted. The abbey, with its millenary history, offers a silent retreat rich in memories, representing a magnificent example of Romanesque architecture of the Gargano, now a sanctuary of peace and natural beauty.

Benedictine Abbey, Sacred Mount, Morning, Foggia, ruins, Gargano, Romanesque architecture, historical heritage, cultural tourism, nature, silence, historical memories, Puglia, trekking
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