2021 31/07
Italy Apulia Mattinata Exif: NIKON D800, 16.0-35.0 mm f/4.0 @ f/4.0 1/40, ISO 3200 49   
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The Imposing Remaining Walls of the Benedictine Abbey SS. Trinità di Monte Sacro, Mattinata

The imposing walls still standing at the Benedictine Abbey of the Holy Trinity of Monte Sacro, surrounded by the lush forest near Mattinata, Foggia. The ruins, steeped in history, stand majestic among the trees. These remains, witnesses of the past, blend harmoniously with the surrounding forest landscape, creating an atmosphere of mystery and solemnity. The structure, although in ruins, speaks of the time when the abbey was a vital center of spirituality and culture.

Benedictine Abbey, Sacred Mount, Morning, Foggia, Abbey ruins, historical walls, medieval architecture, historical heritage, conservation, cultural tourism, Puglia
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