Giovanni Carrieri Photography
2021 28/11
Italy Apulia Polignano a Mare Exif: NIKON D810, 16.0-35.0 mm f/4.0 @ f/5.6 10/1, ISO 100 90   
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The suggestive beach of San Vito, Polignano a Mare

About three kilometers from Polignano a Mare, Cala San Vito is among the most beautiful beaches of Polignano a Mare and of the coast of Bari. The beach is also home to the Abbey of San Vito Martire and the tower of San Vito, which embellish the landscape. In all seasons of the year.

San Vito Beach, Abbey Polignano a Mare, Bari, Beaches, Cala, Tourism, Free Beach, Gravel, Apulian beach
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