2021 04/12
Italy Apulia Polignano a Mare Exif: FC3411, 22.4 mm f/2.8 @ 28/10 1/25, ISO 100 52   
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Ancient Trulli at sunset on the Costa Ripagnola in Polignano a Mare

This image depicts some historical trulli located in the Costa Ripagnola, an agricultural area of remarkable landscape beauty north of Polignano a Mare. The shot was made at sunset, with the trulli that emerge solitary against the background of a brightly colored sky. The Costa Ripagnola, extending for about 3 km between the hamlets of Cozze and San Vito, resisted urbanization thanks to its nature of agricultural territory. The region is known for its dry walls that delimit the properties and for the ancient mail stations of the flocks. The landscape, without modern structures, evokes a past era, making this area unique for its authenticity and natural beauty.

Costa Ripagnola, Polignano a Mare, trulli, sunset, historical heritage, agriculture, Puglia, nature, conservation, Regional Natural Park, sunset trulli, colorful sky, Puglia, landscape province of Barirurale
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