2022 18/04
Italy Basilicata Matera Exif: NIKON D750, 20.0 mm f/1.8 @ 11/1 1/200, ISO 100 56   
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Alleys and architecture in the heart of the Sasso Caveoso di Matera

A glimpse of the Sasso Caveoso, one of the most emblematic neighborhoods of Matera, known for its houses dug into the rock. The portrait alley is characterized by historical buildings with limestone surfaces, wooden doors consumed by time and architectural details that reflect centuries of history. The cobbled streets and houses with small courtyards and plants give this place an atmosphere of authenticity and timeless charm.

Matera, Sasso Caveoso, historical architecture, stone houses, alleys, UNESCO World Heritage, cultural tourism, Basilicata, traditional architecture, historical conservation.
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