2024 08/06
Italy Basilicata Melfi Exif: NIKON D750, 16.0-35.0 mm f/4.0 @ 8/1 1/4000, ISO 100 50   
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The Baroque Façade of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta in Melfi

The majestic Baroque façade of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta in Melfi, flanked by the Palazzo del Vescovado. The cathedral, with its elegant lines and rich architectural details, dominates the square in front of it. The white stone façade and carved wooden doors are framed by decorative windows and intricate reliefs. The blue and clear sky creates a perfect contrast with historical architecture, highlighting the beauty and size of the site.

Melfi Cathedral façade, Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral, Melfi, Baroque architecture, Palazzo del Vescovado
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