2018 25/10
Italy Campania Naples Exif: X-Pro2, XF18-55mmF2.8-4 R LM OIS @ 56/10 1/60, ISO 400 56   
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A glimpse of the Montecalvario district, taken from Via Portaccarrese

Between the Spanish Quarter and the Montecalvario Quarter, two of the most historic and characteristic districts of Naples, there is Via Portacarrese in Montecalvario. The Spanish Quarter is known for its narrow and crowded streets, the centuries-old palaces and the intense life of the neighborhood, while Montecalvario, just as rich in history, offers authentic and picturesque views of the Neapolitan life.

Via Portacarrese in Montecalvario, Naples, Spanish Quarter, Quartiere Montecalvario, Campania
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