2018 26/10
Italy Campania Naples Exif: X-Pro2, XF55-200mmF3.5-4.8 R LM OIS @ 8/1 1/220, ISO 200 51   
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Panorama of Naples from the Belvedere di San Martino

A glimpse of Naples seen from the Belvedere di San Martino. The scene, seen through a row of carved balustrades, shows the urban panorama, an intricate mosaic of historical buildings that extends to the horizon in which Vesuvius stands. The view from the Belvedere di San Martino is a must for anyone who wants to grasp the essence of the Neapolitan city.

Naples, panorama, Belvedere di San Martino, aerial view, architecture, domes, urban landscape, tourism, Italy, culture
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