Giovanni Carrieri Photography
Greece Phocis Thermopylae Exif: NIKON D90, 11.0-16.0 mm f/2.8 @ f/16.0 1/250, ISO 200 32   
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Molon Labe! - Come and take! Leonidas to the Persians

Molon Labe! Come and Take is an historycal phrase, like Ceasar's "Veni,Vidi,vici" or the "nuts" of the siege of Bastogne. According to Plutarcus, this was the answer by Leonidas to the persians order to surrender. In the greek history Molon Labe has been used with the same purpose in the protests of the Politechnic in Athens in 1973.

Battle of Thermopylae Leonidas I Memorial Sparta Persian Wars Statue
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