2024 05/05
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Craco: the fascinating air profile of the ghost city of Basilicata

Craco, located in the heart of the Basilicata about fifty kilometers from Matera, is a ghost city founded in the 8th century BC by Greeks fleeing malaria. Subsequently, it became an important agricultural center under the Byzantine monks from the 10th century and an effective medieval stronghold thanks to its strategic position on a hill on which stands a Norman tower. In the 15th century, Cracus boasted four sumptuous palaces, but in the 19th century it was under the threat of brigands. A disastrous collapse due to landslides in 1963 began its decline. A further flood in 1972 and an earthquake in 1980 marked the definitive end of the city, which was completely abandoned in 1975.

Craco, ghost city, Basilicata, Italy, ruins, abandonment, landslides, geological instability, tourism, history, archaeology, cultural heritage, conservation, decadent beauty, rough landscape, Matera
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