2024 05/05
Italy Basilicata Craco Exif: FC3411, 22.4 mm f/2.8 @ 28/10 1/640, ISO 150 29   
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The panorama of the calanchi lucani seen by Craco

A panoramic view that offers a wide view of the calanchi lucani, which envelop the desert village of Craco. These geological formations, composed mainly of clay rock and characterized by a poor vegetable cover, contribute to give the landscape a unique appearance. The erosion due to rain precipitation and the intense solar radiation have shaped the clay over time. The clay, subject to infiltration, has hardened once dried, causing the formation of cracks and fractures in the material. These natural processes have generated unusual geological forms, which give the landscape a particularly marked character.

Craco, Basilicata, calanchi, ghost city, erosion, lunar landscape, geology, clay, panorama, Italy, tourism, history, abandonment
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