2024 05/05
Italy Basilicata Craco Exif: FC3411, 22.4 mm f/2.8 @ 28/10 1/350, ISO 100 32   
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The ghost village of Craco seen from above

The image captures an aerial view of the ruins of the historic village of Craco, located in Basilicata. It dominates the composition of the Norman Tower that stands majestic, a solid Norman bulwark that emerges between the collapsed remains and the abandoned structures, silent witnesses of a vibrant past. This square tower, built during the Norman period between 1154 and 1168, under the reign of Frederick II, represented a vital strategic control point for the ancient streets of communication. The collapsed roofs and the deserted roads trace an intricate maze of stones and memories, while nature seems slowly reappropriating of the place, with vegetation that emerges between the ruins and gently envelops the ancient stones, creating an atmosphere of surreal tranquility. The tower, strategically placed on a spur of marna calcified by time, is known locally as the "castle." Despite the centuries of abandonment and the signs of degradation, the Norman Tower continues to dominate the landscape, which was surrounded by the peaked by the ruins of the city's of 1276 that inhabited by a building.

Craco, ruins, aerial view, Norman tower, Basilicata, abandoned village, historical architecture, urban decay, nature, Frederick II, drone photographs
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