2024 08/06
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Palace of the Bishop of Melfi

The Palazzo Vescovile di Melfi is a historic building dating back to Norman times. Located next to the cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, the palace was built in the 11th century by the Normans and later expanded by Gaspare Loffredo and Matteo Bramano. After the devastating earthquake of 1694, the palace underwent significant renovations in the 18th century, taking on the current Baroque aspect thanks to the interventions of bishops Antonio Spinelli and Pasquale Teodoro Basta. In 2011, the Diocesan Museum was inaugurated inside, which houses a picture gallery with works by Francesco da Tolentino and Cristiano Danona, and a bishop library with important historical documents.

Bishop's Palace in Melfi, Melfi, Basilicata, historical building, Norman architecture, baroque style, 11th century, Gaspare Loffredo, Matteo Bramano, Diocesan Museum, picture gallery, Francesco da Tolentino, Cristiano Danona, bishop's library
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