2024 08/06
Italy Basilicata Melfi Exif: NIKON D750, 16.0-35.0 mm f/4.0 @ 8/1 1/4000, ISO 100 38   
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The historic center of Melfi seen from the Castle.

View of the medieval village of Melfi from the Norman-Svevo castle. Located in the far north of the Basilicata, Melfi is located at the base of Mount Vulture, an inactive volcano from the protohistoric era. The village is located on the border with Puglia (province of Foggia) and Campania (province of Avellino), separated from the river Ofanto. The image highlights the surrounding hilly landscape and the architectural features of the village.

Melfi, medieval village, Basilicata, panoramic view, Melfi castle, Mount Vulture, dormant volcano, border with Puglia, border with Campania, Ofanto river
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