2024 08/06
Italy Basilicata Pietragalla Exif: NIKON D750, 16.0-35.0 mm f/4.0 @ 8/1 1/2000, ISO 100 48   
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Close-up of the stone buildings of the Palmenti di Pietragalla

Close-up of the Palmenti di Pietragalla with the typical wooden doors. The Palmenti, take their name from the pools excavated in the rock used for pressing and fermentation of musts, fundamental for vinification. Built from the 19th century, the caves are made with local stone, a sandstone with a characteristic straw yellow colour that gave the name to the village, and represent a precious testimony to the wine tradition of the local peasant civilization.

Palmenti, Pietragalla, Potenza, Potenza district, Basilicata
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